Transit and Stay at Xiamen by XiamenAir


I had a layover at Xiamen (airport) and stayed overnight when traveling from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Penang by Xiamen Airlines. I’d like to write down the the way in details. Advance preparation (installing eSIM, Alipay and Baidu Maps) helps you transit easily.

Advance Preparation

Install the following on your smartphone before boarding the plane to Xiamen.

  1. eSIM
  2. Alipay (Touch ‘n Go is also OK)
  3. Baidu Maps

1. eSIM

I can’t do anything without this. I used Keepgo (Chamaeleon).


If you subscribe to Keepgo, you can get a 3 GB coupon by using this referral link this referral link. However, you need to purchase 1 GB or more of data capacity.

KKday was also available in Xiamen.

2. Alipay

You can pay for everything (taxi fares and additional hotel charges) with this app.

As you can use Touch ‘n Go (TNG), those living in Malaysia do not need to install Alipay, just deposit a certain amount of MYR into TNG.

3. Baidu Maps

Display your destination (hotel location, airport) in Chinese and show it to a taxi driver (who often does not speak English).

Here is a screenshot taken before departure in case the eSIM doesn’t work.

From Departure to Xiamen Airport

Boarding Procedure (KIX)

A Xiamen Airlines counter is located at F at Kansai International Airport.

Here are points when you use Xiamen Airlines and Xiamen Airport:

  • In economy class, each person is allowed to check in one piece of baggage (maximum 23 kg),
  • If you are connecting at Xiamen Airport, please pick up your checked baggage once.

In-flight Meal

If the itinerary says lunch or dinner, you will have a meal.

After boarding (before or after takeoff, depending on the flight situation), you get snacks and water.

After a while, the flight attendants serve food (choice of chicken or fried rice) and drinks. Although the photo below shows chicken, personally, I think fried rice is more delicious. The contents of the box change slightly each time.

Immigration Inspection

Upon arrival at Xiamen Airport, you will face an immigration inspection. As of April 2024, Japanese people need a visa to enter China. You can get a transit visa (24-hour stay) by using the form below.

  • Get this form on board or at the counter in front of the immigration gate.
  • You only need to fill out the top half when entering China.
  • Hold the bottom half until you leave the country because the officer sometime require it.
  • If using a hotel arranged by Xiamen Airlines, you can left “Address in China” blank.
  • As the officer will ask you which flight you are connecting to the next day, please show a printed itinerary or your smartphone screen.

From Xiamen Airport to Hotel

Procedure for Transit Hotel

When you fly with Xiamen Airlines, you can use transit hotels for free (conditions apply). Procedures are performed at the transfer service counter on the 1st floor (after exiting the security gate, turn right and go straight).

  • A hotel will be arranged for you on the spot.
  • If you are not comfortable with that, arrange it yourself. I did that the first time I transferred in Xiamen (because I had family with me), but I probably won’t do it again.
  • There is an additional charge (CNY 140) for one adult for one room.
  • There is no additional charge for two adults sharing one room.
  • If two adults and two children share one room (twin beds), there should be no additional charge (if anyone has tried this, please let me know).

As I didn’t like to share a room with a stranger :), I was arranged to stay in one room. Once the procedure is completed, you will receive a piece of paper like this.

Lucky for a hotel with a good reputation. Additional fee (CNY 140) is to be paid at the hotel.

Transfer to Hotel

A shuttle bus (the waiting area was at the exit opposite the counter) brought several of us to the hotel. I don’t know if it’s always running.

The bus arrived at the hotel in about 15 minutes. Ah, wonderful.

Accommodation at Xiahang Hotel 1987

Give your reservation form at the reception and check in. Additional fees can be paid here using Alipay.

Is it room 919?

When you only have one queen bed and are sharing a room with someone else, what do you do? It’s spacious enough for two people.

Breakfast venue the next day. It’s great.

Since it is China, most of the dishes are suitable for Japanese tastes.

From hotel to Xiamen airport

There is no shuttle bus from the hotel to the airport. It’s faster if you go by taxi.

  • You can easily catch a taxi from outside the hotel (or the hotel staff will catch one for you).
  • It is a good idea to also tell the driver the terminal name (T3).
  • The fare from the hotel to the airport is about CNY 25.00 ~ 28.00.
  • When paying with Alipay, you ask the driver to show you the QR code (framed in blue).

It’s best to arrive at the airport two hours before departure. Have a good journey!

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